Friday, June 22, 2007

Six Habits of Great Change Leaders

I receintly read the following in a weekly newsletter I receive and feel it is worth repeating and sharing:

Six Habits of Great Change Leaders

Leading change is particularly challenging for any leader. Here are some habits of great change leaders, and suggestions for putting these habits into practice in your organization.

1. Provide an Inspiring Mission and Clear Direction

Know the value of creating a mission and direction that everyone understands and can follow.

2. Hire the Best People

Top performance comes from top people. Work to hire the best people possible.

3. Build a Strong Leadership Team

Have a strong guiding coalition. It's virtually impossible to lead significant change on one's own.

4. Get Out of the Way

Communicate the company vision and direction clearly, ensure that people are committed, then empower people to take independent action and make decisions.

5. Communicate Regularly

Be visible when things are going well and then remain visible when times are bad.

6. Reward and Recognize the Right Performance

Great change leaders know that reward and recognition have to be consistent with vision and direction.

by Dr. Jane Adler and Dr. Robert Karlsberg, The CEO Refresher

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