Monday, October 18, 2010

A Quality Breakfast

I've always been a picky eater. There are foods I will not eat for a variety of reasons that I will not address here. On the other hand, those foods that I do like I like to be prepared properly. One of my favorite meals is breakfast and there is nothing I like better than a good egg sandwich for breakfast (okay Corned Beef Hash and Eggs is my first choice but not a common choice).

A Quality Breakfast must be prepared correctly. To make a Quality Egg Sandwich there certain requirements:
  1. Start with 2 real large or extra large eggs
  2. Mix them so yoke and albumen is thoroughly mixed (add a little water for fluffiness)
  3. Cook them like an omlete until they are browned (well done)
  4. Fold the eggs properly so the fit on the roll (which must not be toasted or buttered) then place on bottom of roll
  5. Add salt and pepper
  6. Cook the sausage or bacon until it is well done also
  7. Carefully place the sausage or bacon on the center of the egg
  8. Cover with the top of the roll
  9. Cut through (do not leave the bottom section of roll attached)
You may be asking, what about the cheese...I hate Eggs and Cheese together.
Others may be fuming because I did not add ketchup or hot sauce or salsa.
This is my formula for my perfect breakfast that can be eaten in the car, on the train, in your kitchen, anywhere I choose.

How do you like your breakfast to be prepared?
What is your favorite formula (I know it's a recipe).


  1. Of is Turkey Bacon onr Turkey Sausage...

  2. It is preferable if the eggs are not riddled with e. Coli, no?

  3. Well put Seiche! e. coli free eggs for all at my breakfast table.

    Oh, and I am honored to be followed by you!