Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Wrap-up

In January 2011 Paul Borawski asked the ASQ Influential Voices about their new years resolution. Now, in Jan 2012 it's time to check back and see where I am with regard to those resolutions. Then I will post some new goals for 2012 on another blog post. Last year's goals were:
  • Develop and implement an improved QMS for my division of the organization to achieve ISO 9001:2008 registration.

The system is developed and awaiting launch. Currently we are pursuing an Intranet based QMS software package to utilize across the division with room for expansion throughout the entire enterprise. We expect to achieve registration by July 2012.

  • Improve the process controls of our manufacturing operations. This can only
    happen after we transfer some of the inspection operations to our production

In Dec 2011 we began transferring the Inspeciton operations to Line Operators. This was done in conjunction with a reduction in force which resulted in one of our inspectors returning to operations. His new position includes 'self-inspection' due to his experience as a QC Technician for the company. Next step is train more operators to self-inspect then introduce the use of process control concepts. We have also convinced our CEO that a Quality / Process Engineer must be hired for our facility.

  • Improve overall product quality to reduce customer complaints / credits by
    10% from 2010.

While complaints in 2011 were higher than 2010 this is partially due to better definition of what constitutes a complaint and several uncontrollable customer actions. The complaint system has identified many process improvements that will result in reduction in complaints in 2012.

  • Attend appropriate training to improve my understanding of FDA regulations
    for our business.

I had the opportunity to attend a couple of ASQ Tappan Zee section sponsored FDA requirment training / seminar sessions.

  • Pursue Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and eventually ASQ SSBB

This goal was not achievable in 2011, however, I did attend several webinars on Lean and Six Sigma to better familiarize myself with the basic concepts.

  • Re-establish my leadership role within ASQ as Regional Director for Region

As of January 1, 2012 I am, once again, ASQ Region 3 Director for another 2 year term.

  • Increase overall Quality time spent with my family (this I am currently
    doing with the kids via seasons passes to ski which we are doing every Saturday plus 6 days during the holiday week).

My kids an I skied over 20 days together in 2011. And this season we are off to a great start with 7 days since the start of the local season. We've also seen numerous movies together, went out for countless dinners and lunches, attended every performance in which my children were featured (chorus, band, plays and musicals), traveled including a drive to Florida from New York including visiting several colleges for my daughter, a trip to up-state-New York, other college visits in MA and NY, a visit to our nation's capital, played lots of games, watched lots of TV and had lots of laughs...all in all a good year with the family.

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