Monday, May 16, 2011

Business Meeting

Some items of note to report from the Business meeting:

  1. Membership is holding steady at about 79,000; there were approximately 20,000 new members joining ASQ in the past year and member retention is up to 72% (up from 70.5% in the prior year).

  2. Financially, the organization is healthy with $29M in cash and investments and net assets of $21M.

  3. The amendment to change the By-laws of the society passed by a vote of 3214 for, 107 against, 137 abstained and 25 ballots disqualified.

Jim Rooney, President Elect will assume the position of Chairman commented that he worked diligently through his ASQ life to achieve the President's position and by way of a vote to amend the by-laws, he will never be President, however, he holds the distinction of being ASQ's first Chairman. A few notes from Jim's address:

  • ASQ needs to change (as change is inevitable and necessary for the vital health of any organization)

  • ASQ needs to innovate

  • Change is all that there is in the world (so make it effective)

  • In our personal lives we adapt to change - ASQ must also adapt to change

  • David Spong, outgoing President, launched EMV21 - Enhancing Member Value in the 21st Century; innovation from EMV21 will reach fruition during Jim's term in office.

Bill Sellrey and Amy Kohler, ASQ's Washington presences discussed the Baldrige Grassroots effort to preserve the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. If you go to the ASQ Avocacy page and send letters to your Member of Congress and Secretary Locke you too can support this effort.

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