Sunday, May 15, 2011

ITAG at the Community Leadership Institute

ITAG is the Ideas to Action Gathering

For quite a few years now ASQ has provided Member Leaders to opportunities on the Saturday before WCQI. The first, ITAG, is time to address pressing issues that leads to improving our ability to deliver value to our members and customers alike, to engage member leaders in Strategic discussion.

This year's ITAG was centered around ASQ's pursuit of the Wisconsin Forward state Quality Award. The criteria is a Baldrige based. For the 2011 application ASQ is incorporating member units to make this an organization / society wide pursuit. The focus of today's discussion was around Category 5 - work force which shifts from HQ to 'The Society'.

Some take-aways and a-ha moments included:

  • Application and feedback reports are always available

  • We are all the customers

  • Sections should consider applying to their state Awards program

  • Have we outlived Quality? Are we more about Business Excellence?

  • If I know why people stay in then I can affect preventive action to retain members

  • Members set the conditions of engagement

  • Ego is a barrier

  • All team members need to support the team

On a personal note, I think it's high time to engage the general membership in these discussions. Asking the same group of people the same time of questions continually leads to the same results. How can we, as member leaders in collaboration with staff, presume to know what members want if we don't ask?

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