Monday, May 16, 2011

Section Affairs Council (SAC) meeting and US TAG to TC176

The SAC meeting (which began as DAC-SAC - Division and Section Affairs Councils) was a lively event with plenty of open discussion on a multitude of topics.
Primary topics included:

  • SACs elections

  • An update from the Quality Management Process (QMP) committee's work

  • Member Leader Training Committee

  • Membership committee

  • A presentation from representatives of the US TAG for TC176

  • Q-BOK (the Quality body of knowledge)

  • Report-out of the key take-away's from Saturday's Ideas to Actions Gathering (ITAG)

  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) committee

  • Regional Director's business plans

Minutes from this meeting will be available in the not too distant future so I will not go into details on each topice. I do, however, want to address just one item of note.

In 2013 the United States and specifically the US TAG (Technical Advisory Group) to TC176, the technical committee that oversees the writing and updating of ISO 9000 family of standards, will host a plenary event. The TAG has no financial support other than what it gets through donations and corporate support. In an effort to make this event a reality the TAG is seeking donations to cover the cost for this event. Denise Robitaille and Tracie Clifford made a 'pitch' to SAC to seek support from the Sections via any form of donation possible. The currently have about $11,000 (actually $11020 after I kicked in $20 bucks on the spot) and need about thrice that. The questions is "Are you willing to support the effort to host this event" through a personal donation, an organizational donation or through a member unit donation? If you want to donate, just call 800-248-1946 ext 7800.

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