Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday at WCQI

My day yesterday (Monday, May 16) was a great day.
As is typical at any conference, especially at WCQI I had plenty of networking time with old friends and making many new friends...

As for the learning opportunites they were numerous.
Most importantly to me was attending Tony Manos' session on the X-Matrix.
After hearing many colleagues talk about this Lean Tool, Tony finally enlightened me on how it is used, how to create an X-Matrix and a bit about it's history. On a side note, we discussed the tool outside of the session and he confirmed my belief that it is truly the second generation of the 'House of Quality' QFD tool. Thanks Tony!!!

As is typical of my conference experience, Monday is more of a social day and not to be disappointed I partook in several social events in the evening including the Awards reception followed by the joint FD&C and Biomed Divisions dinner cruise. This event was a blast. Good dinner, stimulating conversation, lots of laughs and beautiful views of the city of Pittsburgh at sunset.

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