Sunday, May 15, 2011

Community Leadership Institute - CLI

I attended 4 sessions at this years CLI

  • Why member experiences matter: the experienntial economy presented by Jen Czajka

  • Using community to grow presented by Jeanine Becker

  • ASQ's social responsibility initiatives presented by Michelle Mason and Rick Perlman

  • Panel Discusion: member unit application of social media tools - panel included Aimee Siegler and Lori Derringer

My take aways from these sessions include:

Steps to begin creating a great member experience are:

  1. Identify experiences that amtter

  2. Harmonize the positive cues

  3. Eliminate the negative cues

  4. Mix in memorabilia

  5. Engage the five senses

The Gartner Study discusses behaviors in Social Networking.

Becker: many of ASQ's Subject Matter Experts take their knowledge for granted. Everyone knows what they know. They need to mentor those New to Quality.

The Quality Triple Bottom Line includes linkages between ISO 9000, the standard for Quality System Management, ISO 14000, the standard for Environemental Health and Safety Management and ISO 26000, the guideline for Social Responsibility.

There are Seven Core Issues that make up ISO 26000

  • Organization governance

  • Community involvement and development

  • Environment

  • Consumer issues

  • Fair operating practices

  • Labor practices

  • Human rights

ASQ is involved with the first 3 above areas.

Wiki's are great tools for document collaboration within a team and can be highly effective for Member Units Leadership Committees. Wiki's can be used to build newsletters, email announcements (e-blasts), meeting flyers, education and seminar announcements, etc.

LinkedIn is a great tool for Business Networking while Facebook is more appropriately used for personal / social networking. As a group it was suggested that Facebook pages or groups not be used by member units so as to keep your personal and professional networking separate.

The day ended with the QMP awards ceremony which included:

  • 83 Total Quality Awards for Sections

  • 13 McDermond Total Quality Awards for Divisions

  • 13 Division Excellence Awards (3 Gold, 4 Silver, 6 Bronze)

  • 90 Section Excellence Awards (26 Gold, 33 Silver, 31 Bronze)

Dinner followed the awards ceremony which included lots of laughs with old and new friends.

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