Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday at WCQI

Today was all about learning.

Unfortunately it began with me learning that I lost my eyeglasses. Not to worry, my sight is sufficient that the loss has not yet inhibited my ability.

On to the sessions...

First up was my ASQ buddy Marc Macot on Firefighting and Lean, What's the link?

Marc showed, very effectively, that firefighters have practice Lean longer than Lean has existed. He's involvement with his local, rural Canadian community volunteer fire department. His journey to becoming a volunteer fire fighter brought many connections between the methods used in firefighting and those used by Lean practitioners. Excellent job Marc!

I moderated three sessions for Chris Hayes. She took us through 3 parts of Lean Management:

  1. Standar Work for Leaders (SW4L)

  2. Visual Controls

  3. Daily Accountability

Chris delivered, as promised, guidance on how important these 3 elements are to implementing and maintaining a successful Lean jouney.

I also spent midday thoroughly engaged in Barbara Corcoran's keynote address. Read some of my comments on Twitter.

On a somewhat personal note, while eating my 'delicious' boxed lunch in the Exhibit hall I had a long chat with both Kristin Case and former ASQ President Ken Case. Both inquired if I had an extra banquet ticket for mom/wife. I did not receive a banquet ticket with my registration however I asked them to give me a few minutes to see if I could work my magic. A big thank you goes out from me to Bill Wortman from the Indiana Council for Quality. Bill's group at his booth and one spare ticket remaining and happily donated it to Ken for the lovely Mrs. Case.

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