Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday at WCQI

Today is the final day of the conference. I only had limited time before I had to hit the road so, before I go I want to share some parting thoughts.

I attended one of the best sessions I've ever seen at WCQI. This was Ben Marguglio's talk on Human Error Causal Factors. I've known Ben for many years and have been anxious to attend one of his seminars on the same topic. Unfortunately timing has never aligned to allow for my attendance. Now that I've got the flavor it's time to get to one of his seminars!

I leave Pittsburgh today with some ache in my heart and head. I lost my glasses on Monday afternoon. I believe I dropped them, in their case, in the main ballroom of the convention center following the afternoon keynote. If anyone found a pair of wireless Silouette eyeglasses, please contact me at I also caught a computer virus and my laptop is currently nothing more than a door-stop. Hopefully the IT group at work will be able to disinfect for a full recovery. Much of that ache comes from the fact that I will not see many of my ASQ friends for a whole year.

It is not my intention to leave WCQI on a negative note. I ended my visit to the convention center chatting with a whole host of members, member leaders and staff. I wish everyone a safe jouney home and look forward to seeing you all in Anaheim, CA for WCQI2012.

Thanks for checking in this week...



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